Getting the Chop


After over sixth months (or over a year in Teneeka’s case…) of letting our hair grow out, we finally decided to take on overdue trip to the hairdressers whilst Amy was back in Manchester!
Before: Chinese New Year - February 2015
After: Today!

HD Photos ahead!
Amy decided to chop off all the left-over dip dye from her bleaching and colouring escapades last summer but decided to keep her hairstyle the same except for a shorter fringe.
This left her with a rather Taylor Swift-esque style!

Teneeka decided to finally try out a middle parting after having her side parting since the days of Primary School! (Except for the full fringe years but we’ll just ignore that shall we). She also lost a considerable length of hair but kept the curls - though they will have to be redone every so often.

So what do you think of our hair?
Any hair styling tips to share with us?

- The Mai Sisters x

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