Seeking Stardust: OPI and Ciate Nails


I am obsessed with glitter nail polishes, especially if they look holographic/star-like, because they can be used as a top coat over every nail polish colour to give it that extra sparkle, or they can be layered up for a simple but show stopping look.
Since seeing photos of the most amazing glitter polishes swatched by other people, I have been pining after various indie polishes and searching for my own beautiful galaxy inspired polish available at a reasonable price in the UK. Little did I realise that I already had the necessary polishes for my own stardust!
I recently rediscovered the only OPI polish I own, which was purchased on a random beauty website to test its quality but I have since forgotten its details. But I do know that I did not pay retail price for the polish.

Nicole by OPI's Modern Family Collection nail polish in A Phil's Paradise with no top coat

I liked the silver almost green metallic effect A Phil's Paradise gave but the thought of a holographic galaxy polish didn't even cross my mind. This took three coats but I think that was due to me being impatient and not waiting long enough for a coat to dry. The third coat was only to touch up little areas that weren't as completely covered as the majority of my nails were.
It was not until I was looking through my nail polish collection later that night in search of inspiration for a nail art design to add to the OPI polish that I had my brain wave. I had found a very glittery top coat in silver with varying sizes of glitter that would go perfectly with the polish I already had on! This polish I had kept separately to others because I had grouped all of my Ciate Mini Mani Manor polishes together, which I purchased after Christmas in the sale for roughly half the retail price but don't quote me on that figure.
And so, the next day, I added two coats of the Ciate nail polish over my silver nails and loved the final outcome.

Ciate Paint Pot in Angel Wings layered on top, again with no top coat
I thought the different sizes and shapes of glitter resembled the surface of a star brilliantly (as rock) and adored how sparkly it was. I think more coats could have been added to increase this effect but at the time I was worried it would overshadow the silver underneath. I'd love to try layering up Angel Wings by itself for lots of shine!

Do you have any favourite glitter or galaxy inspired polishes?
- Amy x

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