Simple Negative Mani and Sally Hansen Complete Care Review


Hi guys! Sorry it's been so long since our last post, you know how it is during exam period... I did this negative space mani just before I had to knuckle down and tried out the Sally Hansen Complete Care 4 in 1 polish which I was pleasantly surprised with.

Negative mani using Technic in Pool Party and Jessica Nails in Viva La Lime Lights
Everything I used for this nail art is pictured below:
Technic polish in Pool party, Jessica Nails in Viva La Lime Lights, Sally Hansen Complete Care 4 in 1 polish, Collection 2000 2 in 1 Base Coat and Ridge Filler, nail stud wheel, Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser and Balm, cocktail stick and nail tape
First I applied the Sally Hansen Cuticle Balm to all of my nails and then the Complete Care polish. Since it dried quickly, I added a layer of the base coat and ridge filler on top straight after. Whilst waiting for this all to dry fully,  I cut 12 strips of nail tape and stuck them down onto a surface ready to be used. Then, I applied 3 in a line as close to the middle as possible, onto the thumb and fourth finger of each hand. This was the trickiest part as getting all three pieces to line up was more difficult than it sounds when working with such a tiny area. Once this was done the nail painting could begin!
Because of how sheer the polishes were, I think I ended up applying at least 3 thin coats of each, probably closer to 5, to get the final opaqueness. After I had finished applying all of the polish, I adhered the nail studs by adding another layer of polish and picked them up by licking the end of the cocktail stick (it would probably be more effective by dipping the end into some water) and carefully placing them. Then I pushed them in using the cocktail stick and finished off the stud nails with the Sally Hansen Complete Care to seal in the studs. Finally, after everything was dry, I removed the nail tape and added the Sally Hansen polish again to all nails as a top coat.

I was very impressed with the Sally Hansen Complete Care as I feel like it made a difference to the strength of my nails and they didn't split as much. In addition, my nail art lasted for such a long time that my housemates and friends all asked me about it. The photo below was taken on day 9 of wear only because it was the first day that there was any major loss of polish. Up until that point my nails did have some chips and tip wear but it wasn't very visible.

Day 9 of wear using the Sally Hansen Complete Care
What do you think of the manicure? Would you like more posts like this?
- Amy x

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