Let's Get Down to Business - A Mulan Makeup Look


After seven years at my school (a disturbingly large proportion of my life!), I finally had my last day there. But before we all rushed terrifyingly into two months of sporadic exams to hit our offers, we had a final day of fun! Disney Day! We took over the school with our childhood stories and dressed up as the familiar characters we all know and love.
Obviously, my choice was Mulan!
So today I'm sharing with you how I did my makeup on the day to recreate this fearsome warrior of China! (Reference Photo)


First of all, let's start with what went onto my face!
Sleek Blush By Three Trio in Lace, French Connection Eyeshadow Collection, Calvin Klein Bronzing Powder in Enhance Summer Affair, Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF15, Rimmel London Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner, Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof, Rimmel London Provocalips in I'll Call You
As I'm typing this up, I realise that I forgot to add my concealer and brow pencil into the mix (sorry!) but I used my Fit Me Concealer in 10 and Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black/Brown. Please also ignore the disaster that was the spot on my cheek, I tried my best!


Glossing over applying my Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation and Fit Me Concealer because I'm sure that everyone does that differently, but I went for a natural looking foundation and applied it using my new beauty sponge, and dabbed concealer over my spots (obviously not well enough) and under my eyes!

I then very lightly contoured with the Calvin Klein Bronzing Powder and lightly applied Chantilly (the pink shade) from the Sleek Blush Palette onto the centre on my cheeks and brought it upwards. We're not going for Matchmaker Mulan with white face and heavy blush so keep it light! Remember, looking natural is key for this Mulan look.

I also decided to keep my brows pretty natural since Mulan would probably have had quite natural brows had she not been animated, so I filled in the sparse regions using the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil and left it with a slight arch. If you have sparser brows or more arched brows, you may want to change the shape but I felt mine were sufficiently Mulan-esque!


For eye makeup I used the lilac, purple, pink and white colours from the French Connection Palette! Unfortunately they don't have names but you can see them here.
French Connection Eyeshadow Collection

I kept it very light to keep with the natural theme but created a small gradient from the lilac on the outer corners to the pink on the inside. I also deepened up the very outside corners using the purple and patted some of the white/champagne colour onto the centre to brighten up the eye!

I went for the thinnest possible eyeliner using the Rimmel Glam Eyes with it's tiny nib, winging it out on the top to accentuate the almond shaped eyes for Mulan but still trying to keep it subtle! Then I curled my lashes using the Shu Uemura Curler (review here) and put on a coat of Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes.


For my lips I didn't want anything too bright, but since my lips are so pale I had to use something much more pigmented to give Mulan's darker natural lips. I opted for the Rimmel London Provocalips in I'll Call You. I could have probably used something a little less pink and more natural but I adore Provocalips. I only had to touch it up very slightly after eating and it did last all day! After a few hours I found it got a little sticky but reapplying the gloss end of the product quickly fixed that problem.
Rimmel London Provocalips in 500 I'll Call You

Enjoy your finished look!
Left: No Flash, Right: Flash

Bonus pictures of the outfit!

Mulan ft. Cogsworth
Please ignore the fact that my hair and makeup are different!
What do you think of the look? Would you like to see any other Disney-inspired looks?
But more importantly! 
Who's your favourite character from the Disney/Pixar Universe??
-Teneeka x

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