Ciate Blockbuster Pop Brights


Annnnddd.... we're back with yet another Ciate post (not even close to sorry)! This time it's the Ciate Blockbuster Pop Brights Collection bought with an amazing deal that Amy found online. This set retails at £85 on the Ciate website but we managed to snag it at the bargain price of £25!

Ciate Blockbuster Pop Brights
Amy was scrolling through her Instagram feed, as you do, when she spotted a post about a website called Money Saving Expert by a nail blogger. When she searched, a Ciate voucher code came up available to be used on two sets of 10 polishes on the Ciate website - Pop Brights or The Classics. These full size polish sets are originally £85 each but with the use of the code BLOCK70 you can get an amazing £60 off! Just simply go to the Ciate website, search for "Blockbuster" and both The Classic and Pop Brights will come up, or save yourself the effort and click here, then add the one (or both) to your basket and input the discount code at checkout!
This was a couple of weeks ago but the post is still up on the MSE website so hopefully it's still valid.
Holiday Blues, Mojito, Access All Areas, Speed Dial, Headliner
Holiday Blues, Mojito and Speed Dial are all super glossy bright colours perfect for spring/summer, Headliner seems to give an almost semi-matte finish as a teal whilst Access All Areas is a completely matte bright pinky coral. All of these would look great on holiday with a tan!

Monte Carlo, Funhouse, Party Shoes, Sherbert Fizz, Regatta
Monte Carlo is a mixture of confetti and glitter in varying colours and sizes with blue being the overall colour, Funhouse is a super pretty pink glitter, Party Shoes has a very fine gold glitter which would be perfect as a top coat to add that extra sparkle! Sherbert Fizz and Regatta are both shimmers in a super opaque hot pink, almost red and deep blue.

All of these swatches are with two coats apart from Regatta which only needed one. However, the rest of the polishes were almost one coaters and the glitters could be layered as much as necessary for your desired look. We think they'd look amazing with 3 coats+ for a holographic effect!

Special shout-out to Regatta which photographs beautifully and is Teneeka's favourite out of the collection! It's prefect for adding that little pop of colour to an evening look or some everyday shimmer!
Ciate in Regatta with one coat
Amy's favourite polish is Monte Carlo because it combines two of her favourite things - blue and glitter! But Access All Areas is a very surprising close second considering her inclination to the exact opposite.
Ciate Blockbuster Pop Brights collection
Be warned that these don't come in packaging suitable for gifting, they arrive all individually wrapped in bubble wrap but who can complain when this is such a great deal?! (Also Teneeka spent an embarrassingly long time playing with the bubble wrap so it's twice the fun really!)

Which polish is your favourite? Would you go for the Classics or Pop Brights like we did?
Amy totally isn't considering getting the Classics collection too after seeing how lovely these were... *cough cough*

- Amy and Teneeka x

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