Calvin Klein Ethereal Review


From a recent FragranceDirect order, I picked up one of the Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme lipsticks in Ethereal after hearing so much about them! It was super cheap for just £1.99 but with a designer name attached!

Calvin Klein Lipstick in Ethereal
The first thing I noticed was how similar this lipstick looked in the tube to one of my other pinky nudes - Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in 06 Rose Nu, which I absolutely adore!

Since both aren't exactly drug store products - retailing at ~£13 and ~£21 - a comparison seemed like the obvious next step!

L to R: Calvin Klein Lipstick in Ethereal, Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in 06 Rose Nu
L to R: Calvin Klein Ethereal, Lancome L'Absolu Rouge 06 - Rose Nu
As you can see from the swatches (although they are a stunning dupe in the tube) Ethereal is actually pinker whilst Lancome 06 is more brown and probably more like a natural lip colour.

As for my thoughts on the Calvin Klein lipstick.
I adored the colour, it's a very nice natural pink and something you could wear everyday - especially with Spring/Summer hitting the UK full force recently! Applied nicely and had a good colour pay-off with just one swipe!
However, the packaging has much to be desired (especially compared with the Lancome packaging which is just gorgeous!!) It's got elements of a sleek black and white design with their simplistic logo printed on, but the plastic case is hard to open and generally feels bulkier than my other lipsticks due to it's size!
The other bad news is that I found the formula quite drying on my lips as the day wore on! It felt fine going on and for a few hours after that but by the end of the day my lips were chapped and I was reaching for lip balm more than I was the lipstick for a touch-up!
Full disclosure though, my lips were already feeling dry beforehand but this lipstick didn't help at all and I know for a fact that other lipsticks, like the Lancome one, are much better for my dry lips with the same colour pay-off.

Overall, for £1.99 the lipstick does very well for its value. I may have just been unlucky in my colour choice and the other colours may be more mosituring! Either way, I will probably continue to wear this (especially if my lips get better!) and might even look into getting some more! I'm looking at you Eros!

What lip products have you been wanting to try out?
- Teneeka x

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