Ciate Crazy


Whilst tidying today, I realised how many Ciate nail polishes we have between the two of us and couldn't resist showcasing them all!

Our Ciate Paint Pot collection
Top row L-R: Jewellery Box, Velvet Tuxedo, Mineral Clarity, Headliner, Skinny Jeans, Girl with a Pearl (nail pearls), Let it Snow (nail glitter), Sharp Tailoring and Angel Wings
Top second row L-R: Unrestricted Glam, Frozen Daydream (nail glitter), Tinsel Trail (nail glitter), Tangled Tinsel (Candy Cane House), Slumber Party (nail glitter) and Snow Fall (Candy Cane House)
Bottom row L-R: Mistress, Sherbet Fizz, Silhouette, (The sticker for the pink glitter seems to have come off), Cupcake Queen, Amazing Gracie, Members Only and Ginger Snap (Candy Cane House)
Bottom second row L-R: Runway Ribbon (nail glitter), Candy Craze (Candy Cane House), Candy Cane, Strawberry Milkshake, Sloaney Sweetie, Sand Dune and Big Yellow Taxi
Mistress is the first one we got and if I remember correctly it was with our monthly subscription of Elle a few years ago but don't quote me on that! You can see that the packaging is slightly different because it's the oldest.
All of the minis are from the Christmas sale this year where we got the Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar and the Candy Cane House set both for half price on the Ciate website. The advent calendar contained 24 mini paint pots including a lot of nail glitters as well as many lovely colours. For the last door, you got a full sized polish of Angel Wings which can be seen on the right of the top row. The Candy Cane House set contained four glitter polishes which were festively scented!

Ciate street! - The Mini Mani Manor and Candy Cane House set in their full packaging
I adore the glitters and the formula of the polishes is generally very good. They're an "almost one coat" type polish apart from the paler colours which need two coats for full opacity. These are incredibly fun to play with when creating different nail art and the range of colours has been useful when needing a specific colour for nail stamping! Although I haven't actually used any of the nail glitters yet apart from Tinsel Trail because I know from experience what a mess it can be.

Ciate Paint Pots close up!
Bottom L-R: Mistress, Runway Ribbon, Candy Craze (Candy Cane House), Candy Cane, Strawberry Milkshake, Sloaney Sweetie, Sand Dune and Big Yellow Taxi
My favourites (if I had to choose) would have to be Headliner, Mineral Clarity, Sharp Tailoring, Ginger Snap and Angel Wings as a gorgeous top coat to any colour. You can see this on my nails in a previous post here.
Secretly I can't wait until it's the Christmas sale again to nab some more great bargains! What can I say, I'm a nail polish addict...

Which ones are your favourites? Would you like to see some swatches? If so, which ones? :)
- Amy x

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