The Infamous Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler


A few weeks ago, I went on an overnight trip for a Model United Nations conference and was speaking to my friends about my straight-lash problems. Their instant recommendation was the Shu Uemura or Shiseido curler.
Ever since I've been getting more into makeup and looking into tools, these two curlers have been hailed as almost everyone's holy grail eyelash curlers.
I decided it was finally time to get my own!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Marketed as being 'adored by makeup artists and celebrities worldwide' on its packaging, although I might not be quite as influential, I have to say I am happy to join its legion of fans!

I found it much easier to gather all of my lashes and curl them together than my old one and the whole process was much faster with the curler needing less time to work its magic.
Curious to see whether it was just the hype that had gotten to me, and if I was just buying into the marketing (I mean I did really want to love it after all), I decided to do a side by side comparison!
Left eye: Shu Uemura, Right Eye: Boots Eyelash Curler
Each image has the curler held up as close as I could get it to the eye and applied for about 10 seconds with the same amount of pressure.
You can see straight away that the eye on the left curls much better at every step and the lashes even appear to be more fanned out.
The second to last image shows what can be achieved with my old lash curler but I had to really work at that one and apply a lot more pressure on the curler. The last image is with a single thin coat of Lancome Doll Eyes on both eyes.

So what do you think of the curler? Do you agree it deserves its holy grail status or is it just hype?

- Teneeka x

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